SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress: The Perfect Guest Mattress

September 25, 2023 0 Comments

SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress, Serene Foam mattress

As hosts, we constantly want our guests to sense as snug as feasible. Finding the proper bed for overnight site visitors may be complex, although. You need something supportive yet plush, clean to keep while now not in use but nonetheless durable. After trying several options, we located the proper answer in the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress. This revolutionary mattress folds up compactly for storage however unfolds into a luxuriously comfortable good sized mattress. Made of high-density foam and a breathable cover, it gives cushioning and guide for a restful night time's sleep. Our guests have raved about how well they slept and requested where they can purchase one for themselves. For us, the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress is the proper visitor bed - comfortable, convenient and the best combo of shape and feature. Who knew a foldable bed will be so chic?

Introducing the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress: A Convenient and Comfortable Option for Guests

Introducing the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress: A Convenient and Comfortable Option for Guests

As hosts, we want our guests to have a restful sleep whilst staying over. That's why we adore the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress. This modern foldable mattress provides superior comfort and guide for visitors even as additionally being extraordinarily convenient to keep and delivery. Made of high-density reminiscence foam, the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress contours to the body for customized consolation and remedy from strain factors. At the equal time, its firm, supportive base prevents sagging.

The hypoallergenic, breathable cowl allows sleepers live cozy all night time long. When morning comes, the mattress folds up compactly into thirds, so we can tuck it away in a closet or slide it under a bed until the next sleepover.

For extra guests, sleepovers, camping trips or just keeping on hand for emergencies, the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress is an ideal solution. Its tri-fold layout way we can take it anywhere, unfolding it speedy whilst consolation is needed. The system-cleanable cowl additionally makes it smooth to launder, making sure freshness and hygiene on every occasion it’s used.

All in all, the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress offers an cheap, area-saving opportunity to a general mattress that also presents peerless ease of use and a advanced shut eye enjoy for traffic. For hosts seeking to offer the very first-rate for his or her guests, this bed is a clear winner.

Key Features of the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress: Support, Portability and Durability

As fellow mattress shoppers in Pakistan, we know how important it is to find a mattress that suits our needs. The SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress offers some appealing features for those looking for a comfortable yet portable option.

Superior Support

Made of high-density reminiscence foam, this mattress presents cushioning help to your frame. The foam contours to your form, relieving stress factors and nicely aligning your spine at the same time as you sleep. Whether you are a again, facet or belly sleeper, you may experience nicely-supported.

Foldable and Portable

The tri-fold design lets in this mattress to be folded up into thirds for easy transport and storage. This makes it ideal for small spaces, touring, camping or web hosting visitors. When unfolded, it is the scale of a wellknown single bed.

Durable and Hypoallergenic

The durable but soft knit cover encases the reminiscence foam core. It's resistant to put on and tear and protects the bed. The cover and foam also are clearly hypoallergenic, immune to mould, micro organism and dust mites. Those with allergies can sleep quite simply without infection.

With its awesome, supportive reminiscence foam and handy foldable layout, the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress will be a tremendous alternative on your needs. For a comfortable night's sleep wherever you're, you cannot cross incorrect with this flexible mattress from a relied on Pakistan brand.

Where to Buy the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress in Pakistan

Where can you find the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress in Pakistan? As co-owners of Serene Foam, we want our premium mattresses to be accessible to customers across Pakistan.

We have showrooms in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad. Our showrooms feature all of our latest mattress models so you can experience the comfort and support for yourself before purchasing. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you to the mattress that will suit your needs and preferences best.

In addition to our showrooms, we also sell the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress on our website at When you buy from our website, your mattress will be delivered direct to your door. We offer free shipping on all orders within Pakistan.

You can also find our mattresses in select furniture and retail stores across Pakistan. Major retailers like Metro Cash & Carry, Carrefour, and Hyperstar offer our mattress range. Check with your local store for availability of the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress.

No matter where you choose to buy, you'll get the same high-quality, supportive and comfortable SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress. As a bonus, all SERENE® mattresses come with a 10-year warranty so you can sleep soundly knowing your investment is well protected.

Let us know if you have any other questions about where to buy or experience the SERENE® Tri-Fold Mattress.


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